LibreOffice Class at Ohio LinuxFest 2012

On September 29, 2012, Ohio LinuxFest will be offering a day of training on various Linux and Open Source applications. This training is aimed at the new user, so it is all at an introductory level. My class is a 2-hour session on LibreOffice. Here are all of the documents and files used in the class.

  1. Libre Office Agenda 1
  2. Libre Office Agenda 2
  3. LibreOffice Writer
  4. LibreOffice Impress
  5. Sample Outline
  6. Sample Presentation
  7. LibreOffice Calc
  8. Sample Spreadsheet
  9. LibreOffice Base
  10. Sample_database
  11. LibreOffice Draw
  12. LibreOffice Math
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