LibreOffice Tutorials

This is the place for learning how to use LibreOffice like a master.

  1. General information can be found in a number of places.
    1. Libre Office Documentation Page
    2. Libre Office Mailing Lists
    3. Libre Office Accessibility Information
    4. Bruce Byfield articles – Anything Bruce writes is worth reading. Follow him on Twitter or Google+ to know when he publishes another article. He is a professional journalist in the Open Source community.
  2. For specific information and tutorials on component programs of Libre Office

Note: Office suites (e.g. Libre Office, Microsoft Office) are becoming increasingly integrated. This has both good and bad aspects. The bad aspect is when a configuration made in one one component makes it harder to get another component to behave properly. The good part is that it is moving us to a point where everything is just data and we can work with it seamlessly. Libre Office reflects this by having a single configuration panel for the entire suite. It also tends to collect similar items (e.g. Templates) in a single place.

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