HTML For Beginners

Back in the dark ages of the internet, I was affiliated with a site called SmartPlanet, which offered instruction in computer topics. There is a site by that name still, but it no longer bears any resemblance to the one I remember fondly. While I was there I helped to teach HTML to beginning students. The Web has moved along and changed in many ways, but I think a lot of this material might still be useful for anyone who wants to get started in writing web pages. After all, no matter how fancy your Content Management System (CMS), there will be times when you need to write code to get things to work.These articles should offer a little help in that area, and perhaps offer one person’s perspective on designing Web sites .

Please note that these articles were written long ago. I glanced at the first one, and apparently I was looking forward to Netscape 6 at the time I wrote it. Now Firefox has taken its place, and Google chrome is the hot new browser. I considered trying to update everything, and decided instead to let inertia take its course. So these are what they are, but I still think you may find a nugget or two inside.

A Brief History of HTML

The Structure of HTML

Case Considerations in File Names

Separation of Structure and Presentation

Color on the Web

Using Tables for Layout

Block-Level and Inline Elements

ISO Entities

Images on the Web

Image Optimization: GIF

Image Optimization: JPEG

Web Hosting

FTP for PCs

Image Dimensions

List Headers

Server Issues and FTP

Further Directions

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