DOS Lessons

For Self-Study Purposes

Author’s Note: I created these DOS Lessons many years ago for an online site known as SmartPlanet. At that time, it was a place for people to come and learn about technology, and I participated as both a student and as an assistant instructor. I created these DOS Lessons then as a service for other SmartPlanet students, and then put them up on this Web site. Since then, I get e-mails from people several times a year thanking me for having them available. So as long as there are people who derive some value from them, I will keep them up on the site. I did notice that at one point I referred to Windows 98 as a “modern” operating system, so you can infer how old these lessons are from that comment. But since DOS has not changed much over the years, I don’t think this is a problem.

  1. Lesson One: Operating Systems
  2. Lesson Two: Booting
  3. Lesson Three: Internal Commands
  4. Lesson Four: External Commands; Emergency Boot Disk
  5. Lesson Five: The Path
  6. Lesson Six: Syntax, switches, and HELP
  7. Lesson Seven: DOS Filenames; ASCII
  8. Lesson Eight: Format; Copy; Diskcopy;Xcopy
  9. Lesson Nine: The File System
  10. Lesson Ten: Directory Commands
  11. Lesson Eleven: DOS Wildcards; File Attributes
  12. Lesson Twelve: Expert DIR Use
  13. Lesson Thirteen: BASIC
  14. Lesson Fourteen: EDIT
  15. Lesson Fifteen: Introduction to Batch Files
  16. Lesson Sixteen: Practicing Batch Files with ECHO
  17. Lesson Seventeen: Batch File Variables; Nested Batch Files
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