Kevin O’Brien

Welcome to Ahuka Communications. This site is devoted to some general topics in computing, and will in particular have a lot of material related to Office suites.

I was once a college professor, and got involved in finding a way to use computing tools to improve my teaching. I guess I got good at it, since the Dean asked me to take on the job of training my colleagues, and I became the Faculty Development Officer at the University. Once I started on that, they decided I should take over all of the computer training for staff as well. While all of this was going on, I got involved with an online training site called SmartPlanet. (There is still a site by that name, but it no longer bears the slightest resemblance to the place I fondly remember.) Between these two places, I developed a lot of tutorials and instructional content, some of which has been on this site for years. My DOS tutorial series has been accessed regularly ever since I wrote it over 10 years ago, and it seems to still find an audience who can use it. Now I plan to add a lot of material, particularly about Office suites, to help people get more use out of their technology.

I have a couple of other sites that you may be interested in. Zwilnik.com is devoted to Linux and Open Source software, and palain.com is for topics related to the new media landscape, with an emphasis on mobility. If either of those interest you, please take a look.

Re: Ahuka – This name started as a joke on a Jefferson Airplane fans mailing list called 2400Fulton. It derives from a misunderstanding of the line from White Rabbit that goes “Tell them a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call.” On a Japanese LP this somehow became “Tell them Ahuka, the swooping caterpillar…” It became the in-joke of the list, and when I found the name was available, I registered it. There are not many 5-letter domain names left, after all.<g>

If you want to write to me, the address is ahuka@ahuka.com

My Mastodon account: Mastodon

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